Our Organization


Day to day operations of three Divisions is in direct charge of individual Managers who are supervised by General Manager. Overall control & Management has been under the leadership of the President of the Company. The staff consists of carefully selected and factory trained professionals in sales, technical services, management, and other functions. The total strength of I.O.C. staff was 35 people at the end of 2013.

Head office of IOC including the graphic arts, office automation, Computers & IT occupies an area of 4500 square feet. It is located at the heart of Kuwait City’s major business district. This is considered a prime location, being in the vicinity of major government offices, banks, and large commercial organizations.

The technical service division workshops and warehouses occupy an area of 12000 square feet. These include training facility and a climate controlled area for storing sensitive products.

Other functions of IOC include accounting & finance, human resources management, public relations and logistics.

These are assigned to perform consistently to assist the company’s operation. All of these units are fully computerized, which provides an up to the minute information on all aspects of operations and MIS.